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Nolo.com: Basic information on statute of limitations.

• In order to discourage unreasonable delay in bringing civil lawsuits and criminal prosecutions, statutes of limitations provide time limits for beginning such actions. These time limits begin to run when the right to take legal action arises or when a crime is committed. In general, the unexcused failure to start a case on time bars a court from hearing the case. Some of the common Ohio time limits for starting civil cases are: 21 years to recover real estate; 8 years to sue on written contracts; six years to sue on oral contracts; two years for actions for personal injuries or property damage; and one year for libel, slander, malicious prosecution, false imprisonment, and professional malpractice. Most other types of lawsuits are subject to a four-year limitation." Ohio State Bar Association: The Law and You.

Ohio Revised Code Sections Concerning Statute of Limitations:

• Dayton Law Library: Statute of Limitations Resource Guide

• The following table provides references to some of the statutes which govern the limitation of certain types of actions. When determining a statute of limitation, care must be taken to consult all relevant statutes and case law. Statute of limitations can be very complex. There may be a separate statute of limitations for actions as specific as: an action to contest diminution of interests in common areas and facilities of condominiums ORC 5311.052, or an asbestos abatement action by a board of education ORC 2305.091. The Cleveland Law Library makes no guarantees that the following table will necessarily provide the correct statute of limitation in your case.

Type of Action
Ohio Revised
Code Section
Contract Actions
    Contract in Writing
ORC 2305.06
    Contracts Not in Writing
ORC 2305.07
    Breach of Contract for Sale of Goods
ORC 1302.98
    Certain Actions by Employees for Payment of Wages
ORC 2305.11
Property Actions
    Trespassing Upon Real Property
ORC 2305.09
    Taking or Detaining of Personal Property, or Recovery of Personal Property
ORC 2305.09
    Eviction (Forcible Entry and Detainer)
ORC 1923.01
    Recovery of Real Property (Adverse Possession)
ORC 2305.04
Tort/Personal Injury Actions
ORC 2305.09
    Wrongful Death
ORC 2125.02(D)
    Injury to Rights of Plaintiff Not Arising on Contract and Not Otherwise Enumerated
ORC 2305.09
    Bodily Injury, Injury to Personal Property, Products Liability
ORC 2305.10
    Libel, Slander, Malicious Prosecution, or False Imprisonment
ORC 2305.11
ORC 2305.11
    Medical Malpractice
ORC 2305.113
    Assault and Battery
ORC 2305.111
Tax Refunds
    State Income Tax Refund
ORC 5747.11
    State Corporate Tax Refund
ORC 5733.12
    Municipal Income Tax Refund
ORC 718.12
Actions against the Government
    Certain actions against the State in the Court of Claims
ORC 2743.16
    Actions Against Political Subdivisions
ORC 2744.04
Any Civil Action Not Otherwise Provided For ORC 2305.14
Criminal Prosecutions ORC 2901.13

Federal Criminal Statute of Limitations:

US Code, Title 18, Chapter 213 deals with statute of limitations for federal criminal offenses. 18 USC 3282 sets out the general statute of limitation for non capital offenses, which applies unless the U.S. Code states otherwise. For example, a different statute of limitations is created for certain terrorist acts, see 18 USC 3286.

U.S. Attorney Manual Section 9-1800, Defenses, contains much discussion on statute of limitations.

Statutes of Limitations in Other States:

Chart: Statute of Limitations in All 50 States by Nolo.com.

Findlaw: Ohio Statute of Limitations Laws

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